We offer the complete photolithography process, starting with substrate preparation, application of the resist layer, exposure and development, up to hardening (preparation for wet or dry etching).

Process conditions:

  • suitable for working with round substrates up to 200 mm (50 mm/2”, 100 mm/4”, 150 mm/6”, 200 mm/8”) and pieces no smaller than 10 mm x 10 mm
  • possibility of alignment the patterns relative to the images on the top surface (TSA) with an accuracy of 0.5 μm and the bottom surface (BSA) with an accuracy of 1.0 μm
  • exposing by proximity, contact (soft contact, hard contact) and vacuum contact
  • exposure of photosensitive layers (photoresist) up to 200 μm, compatibility with mask sizes of 2.5”x2.5”, 5”x5”, 7”x7”, 9”x9”
  • Spectrum of exposure beam shaped by filters, possible wavelength 365 nm, 434 nm
  • exposure in constant-time and constant-dose mode, also constant-dosage mode also in intervals
  • Range of table movement during alignment in X ≥ ±5 mm, Y ≥ ±5 mm, φ ≥ ± 3°
  • table and mask parallelism during alignment and illumination ≤ Δ6 μm automatically provided

Keywords: photolithography, resist, photoresist, pattern centering, exposure process


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