Laboratory grade chemical cleaning

We offer cleaning of silicon substrates, quartz substrates and photolithographic masks.

We perform the processes on:

  • silicon and quartz substrates with diameters of 50 mm/2”, 100mm/4”, 150 mm/6”, 200 mm/8”
  • photolithographic masks with dimensions of 2.5” x 2.5”, 5”x 5”,7” x 7”, 9” x 9”

Types of cleaning processes:

  • SPM (Sulfuric Peroxide Mix) a mixture of H2 SO4 and H2 O2 to remove organic contaminants
  • SC1 (Standard Clean 1) a mixture of NH4 OH, H2 O2 and deionized water to remove organic contaminant ions
  • SC2 (Standard Clean 2) a mixture of HCl, H2 O2 and deionized water to remove metallic impurities ions

Megasonic rinsing system for removal of submicrometer particles left over from cleaning processes, together with a system for discharging accumulated electrostatic charge.

Cleaning is carried out in a dry-in/dry-out system. Efficient and reproducible process execution.

Keywords: chemical cleaning, substrate cleaning, mask cleaning, spm, sc1, sc2, megasonic, dry-in, dry-out, reproducible cleaning


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