Consulting services and solution analysis in the field of printed electronics

We offer specialized consulting in the analysis of solutions in the field of printed electronics. We analyze received concepts, evaluating potential areas of application of printed electronics components. Based on our long experience in printed electronics work, we help select the appropriate printing technology and dedicated materials for this technology. We provide testing services for the developed method in terms of its electrical properties and durability, while supporting the optimization of the production process.

Our activities include support creating models, demonstrators, and device components. In addition, we offer assistance in the adaptation of new technologies for the production of printed electronic devices. As part of our services, we provide advice on the selection and purchase of suitable technological apparatus, assistance during the installation and commissioning of devices, and support the process of implementation and optimization of technological procedures at the site of your company.

The implementation of printed electronics solutions could provide significant economic benefits by reducing production costs. The technologies used are characterized by scalability and the variety of substrates used for printing, including three- -dimensional substrates and various materials such as paper materials, ceramics, polymer films, glass, or functional fabrics. The resulting structures have considerable precision, reaching the order of 1 μm, and are characterized by small thicknesses (starting at 100 nm).

Keywords: printed electronics, scalability, optimization, consulting



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