Clinical study of material – testing of clinical material

Isolation, differentiation and culture of cells derived from clinical material (e.g. peripheral blood cells, nervous system cells, tissue biopsy, circulating DNA).

In terms of service we offer:

  • analysis of cells metabolic activity (MTS, ELISPOT, western-blot);
  • immunofluorescence/luminescence (ATP, fluoSPOT, flow cytometry);
  • RNA-seq, DNA-seq, GAM, Hi-C;
  • predicting the structure and function of proteins using bioinformatics analysis (including the impact of mutations on the structure of proteins);
  • predicting interactions between proteins and small molecular partners (including molecular docking, molecular dynamics simulations).


Keywords: cell metabolism, phenotyping, NGS, ONT, ELISPOT, flow cytometry, DDPCR, western-blot

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