Project by Monika Staniszewska, Associate Professor at Warsaw University of Technology, is eligible for funding under BioTechMed_LAB-1

11 January 2022

The aim of the BioTechMed_LAB-1 competition was to strengthen the apparatus base, enabling the performance of breakthrough research in the field of “Biotechnology and Biomedical Engineering” and related issues.

Project led by Monika Staniszewska, Associate Professor at WUT, assumes the purchase of an automatic reader for testing the immune interactions of Eli Spot AID vSpot Spektrum, worth PLN 177,352.00

The research infrastructure planned for purchase is a recognized tool in modern medicine that will ensure the performance of enzymatic immuno-spot tests (synonyms: ELISA Spot, ELISA-plaque).


Eli Spot consistently ground itself in biotechnology (production and selection of antibodies), vaccinology (vaccine production and testing), immunology (research and diagnostics), infectious diseases (diagnostic tests with increased sensitivity), and finally oncology (development of immunotherapy and testing anticancer drugs) and experimental and clinical allergology – emphasized in the competition application by Professor Staniszewska.


The automatic reader for studying the immune interactions Eli Spot AID vSpot Spektrum will be used to carry out research tasks in the newly submitted project, which involves examining the function / participation of mast cells in the pathogenesis of COVID-19. The device will also be used in numerous projects implemented in the thematic area of ​​POB BIB.

The purchase of the equipment complements the research infrastructure of the Laboratory of Pathogen Biology and Molecular Diagnostics at CEZAMAT, in order to create a ‘Core Facility’ providing a wide range of research in the field of bio-molecular analyzes.

6 beneficiaries were selected in the BioTechMed_LAB-1 competition, and the total amount of funding for the projects was PLN 999,947.20


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