Research services

consulting services and solution analysis in the field of printed electronics

We offer specialized consulting in the analysis of solutions in the field of printed electronics.

printing on three-dimensional substrates

We offer functional prints on three-dimensional substrates (e.g., spheres, hemispheres, cylindrical substrates) by Aerosol Jet Printing

production 2d/3d bio-prints

We offer 2D/3D bioprints using the Direct Printing Dispenser, Drop-on-Demand, or Fused Deposition Modelling.

transferring technology to an industrial scale

We offer scaling of printing technologies to industrial scale – preparation for implementation into production, including concept testing, digital modeling, and simulation of products, their components, and processes.

development of personalized solutions in the field of printed electronics

We offer the development of printed electronics, flexible electronics, and textronics solutions for the required application.

strength tests

We test the strength of materials in tension and compression.

tests in a climate chamber

We offer testing in a climate chamber.

testing of rheological properties

We measure the viscosity of non-Newtonian liquids, record liquidity curves, and determine the function of non-Newtonian liquids under sustained flow rate behavior conditions

tests of electrical properties

We measure current, voltage, capacitance, current frequency and resistance (2-wire and 4-wire).

development of materials for printing techniques

We offer preparation of materials for printing techniques for dedicated applications.

technical consulting for technology implementation

The consulting offer includes actions concerning the implementation of technology for the manufacture.

modeling and simulation of new technologies in the field of electronics and photonics

We offer concept testing, modeling, and simulation of structures, instruments, systems, and processes.

ellipsometric measurements

We perform complete ellipsometric measurements of samples.

scanning electron microscopy

We offer sample characterization using a high-resolution scanning electron microscope (HRSEM) Auriga 60 from Carl Zeiss

production grade chemical cleaning

We offer efficient and reproducible processes for cleaning large batches of silicon substrates and preparing them for further process steps.

laboratory grade chemical cleaning

We offer cleaning of silicon substrates, quartz substrates and photolithographic masks.

dry etching

We offer ICP/RIE plasma etching (ICP – Inductively Coupled Plasma, RIE – Reactive Ion Etching)

wet etching

We offer etching of a variety of substrates and deposited layers using wet-chemical processes.

thermal oxidation

We offer a process for oxidizing large batches of silicon substrates in a controlled and reproducible manner.

pulsed laser deposition

We offer deposition of thin films of oxide materials by Pulsed Laser Deposition.

lpcvd deposition processes

We offer processes for the chemical vapour deposition of polysilicon and silicon nitride films under reduced pressure (Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition).


We offer Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition (PECVD) for applications including nanoelectronics, photonics, micromechanics, passivation, encapsulation or masking layers

magnetron sputtering

We offer magnetron sputtering for applications including semiconductor electronics, photovoltaics, optoelectronics.


We offer the complete photolithography process, starting with substrate preparation, application of the resist layer, exposure and development, up to hardening (preparation for wet or dry etching).


Electronolithography, or electron-beam lithography, allows patterns to be written directly onto the resist layer, resulting in possible feature dimensions at the level of single nanometers

wafer bonding

We offer bonding of substrates manufactured from a variety of materials, including semiconductor materials (silicon and others) and dielectrics (glass, ceramics and others), for use in microelectronics, nanoelectronics, photonics and microsystems

rapid thermal processing (rtp)

We offer rapid thermal annealing processes for silicon substrates with heating rates up to 200 °C/s.

thermal processing

We offer a process for annealing large batches of semiconductor substrates in a controlled manner.

high-temperature diffusion

We offer the performing of a diffusion process for applications in micro- and nanoelectronics, photonics or photovoltaics and micromechanics.

ion implantation

We offer an ion implantation process for electronics, optoelectronics, spintronics, among others

production of photolithographic masks

We offer the possibility of producing photolithographic masks by electronolithography on our own or supplied substrates.

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