Internal grants

Projects financed as part of the “Excellence Initiative – Research University” project

  1. M. Trzaskowski; “Quick COVID-19 diagnostics with the use of surface plasmon resonance sensors”; PLN 280 000; COVID 19,
  2. M. Drozd; “New strategies for biomarker immunohistochemistry analysis aimed at quick diagnostics of lung cancers”;  PLN 200 000;  BIOTECHMED-1,
  3. K. Różanowski; “A new method to detect pupil dynamic response (LPR) stimulated by sensory deprivation for assessing the level of autonomic nervous system (AUN) activation using rheological models”; PLN 200 000; BIOTECHMED-1,
  4. K. Tokarska; “HoLoc – on-a-chip holography. A label-free method of mitochondrial dysfunction imaging in the lab-on-a-chip microsystem”; PLN 200 000; BIOTECHMED-1,
  5. T. Szczepińska; “NanoGAM: a method of studying the three-dimensional structure of the genome, through the use of long read DNA sequencing of ultracryosectioned nuclear profiles by laser microdissection”; PLN 119 994; BIOTECHMED-2,
  6. T. Trzeciak; “From new functional materials to sodium-ion cells – electrochemical energy storage in the post-lithium era”; PLN 197 823.53; ENERGYTECH 1,
  7. E. Malinowska; “A study of interactions between bioreceptors that bind selected cancer markers”; PLN 473 800;  POSTDOC PW first edition,
  8. R. B. Beck; “The technology and features of MIS/MIM structures for the purposes of non-volatile memories”; PLN 400 200; POSTDOC PW first edition,
  9. M. Flont ; “Lab-on-a-chip systems for studying the differentiation of primary cells for cancer-associated fibroblasts (CAF)”; PLN 119 935; BIOTECHMED-3
  10. P. Trzaskowska; “Polycatecholamine biocompatible coatings on stainless steel”; PLN 118 680; BIOTECHMED-3,
  11. A. Łękawa Raus; “The monitoring of carbon nanotube chirality in order to produce highly conductive and ultralight electrical conductors”; PLN 249 987; MATERIAL TECHNOLOGIES-3,
  12. M. Staniszewska; “The search for and the exploration of active substances against SARS-CoV-2 that dampen virus replication and silence the unwanted immunological response (combination therapy)”; PLN 465 290; POSTDOC PW second edition,
  13. R. B. Beck; “A study of the reliability of semiconductor devices from the perspective of material defects”; PLN 403 650; POSTDOC PW second edition,
  14. J. Baran, A Duszczyk, K. Marchlewicz; “Demonstrators for medicine”; PLN 100 000; MedTech-Athon – Engineers for medicine,
  15. T. Skotnicki; ‘Preparation and submission of an ERC grant application for the 2023 ERC Advanced Grant competition’; PLN 25 000,
  16. E. Jastrzębska; “Vascularised in vitro experimental models”; PLN 460 000; POSTDOC PW edition no. 3,
  17. M. Pietrzak; “Development of a microcircuit for use in the construction of an NLISA-type biotest using decorated magnetic nanoparticles”; PLN 475,640; POSTDOC PW edition no. 3,
  18. P. Wisniewski; “Pilot photovoltaic energy generator for self-consumption at CEZAMAT”; PLN 48,300; STRTEG PW,
  19. P. Wisniewski; “Research on dynamic properties of RRAM devices for neuromorphic engineering”; PLN 149 625; YOUNG PW,
  20. M. Staniszewska; “Novel Adenovirus with Transgene Encoding Human Immunostimulators for Oncolytic Therapy”; PLN 149,960; YOUNG PW,
  21. P. Sokołowska; ‘Development of a microfluidic platform for the separation of pancreatic cancer cells by immunomagnetic separation from complex biological samples’; PLN 148,625; YOUNG PW,
  22. P. Sokołowska; “Development of a microfluidic system to culture a 3D model of pancreatic islet and study the interaction of pancreatic islet cells with endothelial cells”; PLN 79,850; WELCOME ON BOARD IB PW,
  23. M. Flont; ‘Activation of epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) of invasive tumour cells under microfluidic conditions’; PLN 149,945; YOUNG PW,
  24. E. Malinowska; ‘Design of a versatile, portable microfluidic device operating as a passive flow for rapid immunodetection of viral infections and monitoring of selected biomarkers of immune response’; PLN 149,947; YOUNG PW,
  25. M. Drozd; ‘Electrochemical DNA biosensors using multifunctional magnetic-catalytic nanoparticles in the detection of genetic biomarkers of infectious diseases and environmental hazards’; 104 995 PLN; YOUNG PW,
  26. J. Krzemiński; ‘Multi-field electrochemical DNA sensor dedicated to the simultaneous detection of nucleic acid multiplex duplication reaction products using antibiotic resistance genes of multi-resistant bacterial strains as an example’; 549 935 PLN; LIDER POB BIB I PW,
  27. D. Baraniecki; ‘PulseLayers’; 29 992 PLN; Engineers for society Tech-Athon 2023 PW,
  28. Łękawa-Raus; ‘Modelling the synthesis process of carbon nanotubes’; 557 750 PLN; POSTDOC 5 PW,
  29. M. Drozd; ‘Non-contact, versatile module for cavitation-assisted, non-enzymatic immunodetection of serological biomarkers using bioconjugates of magneto-catalytic nanosorbents’; PLN 149,960; YOUNG WUT,
  30. M. Kazek; ‘Development of an organoid culture method for its potential use in predicting the efficacy of chemotherapy and immunotherapy during lung cancer treatment’; PLN 148,120; YOUNG WUT,
  31. P. Trzaskowska; ‘Rapid endothelialization of magnetic and non-magnetic stainless steel using HUVEC cells containing superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles’; 149 950 PLN; YOUNG WUT,
  32. S. Lepak-Kuc; ‘Eco-friendly carbon composites dedicated to modern printed electronics structures in the trend of sustainable development”; 148 407,50 PLN; YOUNG WUT,
  33. M. Staniszewska; ‘Diagnostics of Biomarkers of Soft Tissue Sarcomas in Patient Stratification and Monitoring of Treatment Outcomes – Personalized Medicine (ONCOTRACE)’; PLN 783,725; LEADER POB BIB,
  34. M. Pietrzak; ‘Development of a microfluidic system for highly sensitive immunodetection of selected inflammatory biomarkers based on an in-situ electrochemical detection strategy’; 799 99.80 PLN; LEADER POB BIB,
  35. M. Słowikowski; ‘Intelligent control and power generation system for autoconsumption in CEZAMAT WUT’; PLN 48 300; STRATEG WUT.

Equipment projects financed as part of the “Excellence Initiative – Research University” project 

  1. E. Malinowska; “The purchase of a confocal microscope”; PLN 1 599 000, 
  2. E. Malinowska; “The purchase of a oscillating-rotational rheometer with an add-on for UV cross-linking, as well as related instrumentation, control computer and software”; PLN 364 695,
  3. M. Staniszewska; “The purchase of the Eli Spot AID vSpot Spektrum automatic reader for researching immunological impacts”; PLN 253 360,
  4. P. Trzaskowska; ‘Station for the preparation of thin preparations for electron and confocal microscopy’; PLN 152,000,
  5. E. Kijeńska-Gawronska; ‘Modern 3D printer for manufacturing waste-based materials by bio-printing and melt electrowriting’; PLN 235,000; MAT-Lab-2 PW,
  6. J. Trzaskowski; ‘EDS energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer for Hitachi SU 8230 scanning electron microscope’; PLN 300,000; MAT-Lab-2 WUT.

Project financed by the Scientific Council for the Discipline (RND)

  1. J. Trzciński ; “The lipophilic nanoformulation of alendronic acid for transdermal delivery ”; PLN 7 300; BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING,
  2. J. Szałapak; A study of original, recycled pastes for use in paper-based printed electronics”; PLN 49 980; AUTOMATION, ELECTRONICS AND ELECTROTECHNICAL ENGINEERING,
  3. Ł. Dybowska Sarapuk; “A study of the proliferation of eukaryotic cells stimulated through the use of a graphene layer and electrical stimulation”; PLN 30 240; BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING,
  4. T. Szczepinska; “A tool for functional analysis of groups of gene pairs and its application to gene pairs determined by chromatin contacts”; PLN 8,820; BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING,
  5. K. Tokarska; ‘Development of an advanced Gut on Chip microfluidic platform: integration of in situ electrodes for TEER measurements and real-time physiological monitoring’; PLN 44,331; BIOTECHNOLOGY.