Scientists against COVID-19

18 February 2022

Our scientist will present the results of their research during the university seminar as part of the the Excellence Initiative – Research University Programme.

The university online conference “Scientists against COVID-19” will take place March 7 (Monday) from 14.00-16.30. The seminar will be conducted on the MS Teams platform. We invite all WUT employees to join the meeting.

Speech by Maciej Trzaskowski, PhD Eng. Rapid COVID-19 diagnostics with the use of surface plasmon resonance sensors is scheduled for 15.00. Then you will be able to listen to Michał Łaźniewski, PhD with a lecture Drug repurposing for identification of potential spike inhibitors for SARS-CoV-2 using molecular docking and molecular dynamics simulations.

The full schedule of speeches and the link to the seminar are available at project website the Excellence Initiative – Research University Programme.

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