Andrzej Pepłowski, Ph.D., Eng.

Research Assistant Professor


Graduated from an inter-faculty course in Biomedical Engineering (2015), in both Eng. and M.Sc. diplomas developed printed electrodes for measuring glucose levels. During the graduate studies he researched technologies for manufacturing a broad range of wearable electronics. In 2019 he received Ph.D. title with distinction for the thesis “Printed potentiometric sensors for pH monitoring in wound healing”, acquiring the patent protection for the developed solution prior to the defense.

Recently, he governs R&D projects focused on printed electronic devices with biomedical sensing applications. They include, among others, 'EUKINES' project with development of smart shoe insoles for gait monitoring and electronic tattoos for monitoring of exercise intensity.

Research area

  • Wearable electronics
  • Printed electrochemical sensors
  • Biomedical measurements

Selected publication

  1. Pepłowski, A., Budny, F., Jarczewska, M., Lepak-Kuc, S., Dybowska-Sarapuk, Ł., Baraniecki, D., ... & Jakubowska, M. (2022). Self-Assembling Graphene Layers for Electrochemical Sensors Printed in a Single Screen-Printing Process. Sensors, 22(22), 8836.
  2. Dusiło, K., Wojcieszek, J., Pepłowski, A., Kuczak, J., & Górski, Ł. (2022). Silver-ligand complex as an additive in polymeric membranes of screen-printed fluoride-selective electrodes. Microchemical Journal, 108129.
  3. Pepłowski, A., Rathi, S., Piotrkowski, B., Ziółkowski, R., Janczak, D., Krzemiński, J., ... & Jakubowska, M. (2020). Electrochemistry of Graphene Nanoplatelets Printed Electrodes for Cortical Direct Current Stimulation. Frontiers in Neuroscience, 14, 594235.
  4. Pepłowski, A., Walter, P. A., Janczak, D., Górecka, Ż., Święszkowski, W., & Jakubowska, M. (2018). Solventless conducting paste based on graphene nanoplatelets for printing of flexible, standalone routes in room temperature. Nanomaterials, 8(10), 829.
  5. Janczak, D., Peplowski, A., Wroblewski, G., Gorski, L., Zwierkowska, E., & Jakubowska, M. (2017). Investigations of printed flexible pH sensing materials based on graphene platelets and submicron RuO2 powders. Journal of Sensors, 2017.
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