Start-up Platform – Central Innovation Accelerator “Mazovian StartUPolis”

16 February 2024

Warsaw University of Technology has joined the project Startup Platform – Central Innovation Accelerator “Mazovian StartUPolis” as a Partner. The implementation of the project will soon start at CEZAMAT WUT!

The Start-up Platform – Central Innovation Accelerator ‘Mazovian StartUPolis’ is a project that will be jointly realised by innovation centres from the Mazovia region, i.e. the Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Exploitation Technology (Ł-ITEE) as the leader – Animator of the Platform, the Warsaw University of Technology and the University of Radom, as well as the Technological Industry Foundation.

The aim of the project is to create conditions in the Mazovian Voivodeship for the creation and development of innovative enterprises in the following areas: production of machinery and equipment, energy, ecology and food and agri-food industry through the implementation of a professional start-up incubation programme. The project aims to support entrepreneurial individuals in the search for a replicable, scalable and profitable business model.

The project will take 3 years to complete, during which 6 incubation cycles will be realised, with approximately 30 start-ups created in each cycle. It is planned to prepare 180 startups for market entry based on the “24 steps of disciplined entrepreneurship” methodology (building the axis of workshop and independent startup work) and the “Quick Look” methodology – taking into account the KTH Innovation Readiness Level model. Priority will be given to industry-oriented high-tech companies in line with the aforementioned smart specialisations of Eastern Poland, including those requiring R&D support.

To the project we will invite people with interesting ideas related to the development of new technologies. Participation in the project will enable the start of the process of professional preparation of a new company to market the created innovative product/service. Participants will be offered the care of professional incubation managers and experts, legal assistance, accounting advice, specialised training and support of technologists with laboratories during product/service creation, and for the best ones also internationalisation (MITEF and EIT contact network).

The project will help accelerate the convergence of the Mazovia region with the entire Macroregion and the rest of the country and is part of the New European Innovation Plan.

The project will be financed under the European Funds for Eastern Poland programme – Measure FEPW.01.01 Start-up platforms for new ideas (Component I: Incubation – development of a new business idea).

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