Science for society


The aim of the Science for Society programme is to support higher education and science entities, as well as other organisational units acting for the promotion of science, in their efforts to carry out projects whose objective it is to build cooperation between scientific and social and economic entities.


Innovation Hub at the Centre for Advanced Materials and Technologies CEZAMAT


The CEZAMAT HUB Project entails:

  • Improving cooperation effectiveness between the Centre for Advanced Materials and Technologies CEZAMAT and the economic environment;
  • Supporting the processes of innovation and commercialisation of results of scientific research and development work;
  • The Centre, as well as know-how related to these results, including the promotion of good practices within innovation as regards large research infrastructures in the area of microelectronics, photonics and bionanotechnology; 
  • The popularisation of knowledge concerning the links between science, innovation and economy through information and promotion elements.  

The implementation of the project has been planned for 2 years. The proposed activities entail the creation of a customer service one-stop shop and an analytical and expert facility for the Centre’s research areas. Apart from hiring a candidate who demonstrates competences related to the transfer of knowledge and technology, as well as two technology analysts, the project involves the option to commission analytical reports to support the operations of the one-stop shop. On the domestic level, in terms of sourcing new partners and maintaining cooperation with existing ones, the project plans 2 conferences and at least 4 workshops for business in CEZAMAT. The aim of these events is to give existing and potential partners the opportunity to meet the Centre’s research teams, to hold talks beneficial to the exchange of experiences, to present their needs, and to discuss potential joint activities. The international expansion of the centre will be fostered through the participation in at least 6 study visits to European centres equivalent to CEZAMAT, at least 4 thematic panels, and at least 2 fairs. The project focuses chiefly on European facilities, because this kind of cooperation will enable the Centre to take part in the projects under the Horizon Europe Programme.       


Ministry of Education and Science

Co-financed from the state budget


Warsaw University of Technology Centre for Advanced Materials and Technologies CEZAMAT

Project no


Project value

Financing: PLN 1 999 413 

Gross value: PLN 1 999 413

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