Autonomous system for digital space and investment surveillance using UAVs and mobile docking stations – the scope of responsibility covers the development, construction and testing of control and communication module U2U, U2I providing communication between drones, and between drones and ground station


CEZAMAT’s responsibility included the construction of the U2U and U2I control and communication module in an autonomous digital space inspection and investment supervision system using UAVs and mobile docking stations – AREP.

The result of the work carried out by CEZAMAT was tested, functioning communication and control subsystem that meets the client’s requirements was delivered. It included: 4 base stations and every 16 UAVs, complete technical documentation, and a report on the system tests. The subsystem was built on the basis of a MANET / InVANET network.


Project subcontracting under the first Path for Mazovia competition on the basis of an agreement with the beneficiary – SIA PIETRUCHA Ltd.

Project No.


Project value

400 000 PLN

Project Manager

  • Mariusz Wielec
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