Guests from the University of Belgrade as part of the EMERGE project

6 December 2022

On October 25-27, we hosted scientists from the University of Belgrade at the Center for Advanced Materials and Technologies CEZAMAT.


The first study visit took place last wee as part of the European project “Emerging Printed Electronics Research Infrastructure” (EMERGE), which is being implemented in the Department of Printed Electronics, Textronics and Assembly, the first study visit took place last week.

Dr. Milija Sarajlić and Evgenija Milinkovic are employees of the Institute of Chemistry, Technology and Metallurgy of the University of Belgrade and deal with printed gas sensors (mainly O2) and photovoltaic cells. The conducted research allowed, above all, to solve the problems with the repeatability of prints thanks to the use of semi-automatic screen printing.

In the characterization of materials and printing pastes, the Brookfield RS+CPS rheometer was used to study the viscosity and behavior of the pastes under varying stresses. The contact profilometer Bruker Dektak XT allowed to measure the shape of O2 sensor layers with a resolution of 10 nm.

Cooperation with scientists from Serbia will continue, and the first result will be a scientific publication explaining the relationship between the performance of printed structures and the results obtained under the EMERGE project.


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