Ewa Kijeńska-Gawrońska PhD MSc Eng.

Research Assistant Professor


Graduate of the Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology, majoring in Biotechnology, specializing in industrial biotechnology (2007). In 2016 she received her Ph.D. degree in materials engineering at the Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology for her thesis entitled" P(LLA-CL) based electrospun nanofibrous mats for peripheral nerve tissue engineering". During her Ph.D. she had scientific internships at the National University of Singapore, Singapore, where she worked on the fabrication and characterization of electrospun nonwovens for applications in tissue engineering, and at the National Institute for Environmental Studies in Japan, where she studied cytotoxicity and biocompatibility of electrospun polymeric materials. She is a specialist in fabrication of polymeric and composite nonwovens using the electrospinning technique for applications in tissue engineering and biotechnology. Co-author of 39 scientific publications, including 33 from the JCR list (HI = 16) and one national patent. She has participated in many national and international research projects on the fabrication of tissue scaffolds and drug carriers for applications in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Since 2020 employed at the Centre for Advanced Materials and Technologies CEZAMAT as a research assistant professor.

Research areas

  • Methods for the fabrication of three-dimensional polymeric scaffolds for applications in regenerative medicine, with particular emphasis on nanofiber-based structures and nanofiber/hydrogel hybrid structures
  • Characterization of biomaterials in in vitro and in vivo conditions
  • Methods of regeneration of peripheral nerve, tendon and bone tissues, and cornea
  • Fabrication of nonwovens/membranes for biotechnological applications

Selected Publications

  • M.K. Heljak, E. Kijeńska-Gawrońska, A. Chlanda, M. Łojkowski, J.Jaroszewicz, C.de Maria, G.Vozzi,W.Swieszkowski: High-resolution microscopy assisted mechanical modeling of ultrafine electrospun network. Polymer 230 (2021) 124050
  • T. Dębski, E. Kijeńska-Gawrońska, A. Zołocińska, K. Siennicka, A. Słysz, W. Paskal, P.K. Włodarski, W.Swieszkowski, Z. Pojda:Bioactive Nanofiber-Based Conduits in a Peripheral Nerve Gap Management—An Animal Model Study. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 2021, 22, 5588.
  • K. Jankowska, J. Zdarta, A. Grzywaczyk, O. Degórska, E. Kijeńska-Gawrońska, M.Pinelo, T.Jesionowski: Horseradish peroxidase immobilised onto electrospun fibres and its application in decolourisation of dyes from model sea water. Process Biochemistry 102, 2021: 10–21.
  • J. Zdarta, K. Jankowska, K.Bachosz, E.Kijeńska-Gawrońska, A. Zgoła-Grześkowiak, E.Kaczorek, T. Jesionowski: A promising laccase immobilization using electrospun materials for biocatalytic degradation of tetracycline: Effect of process conditions and catalytic pathways. Catalysis Today 348, 2020: 127-136
  • M. Bil, E. Kijeńska-Gawrońska, E. Głodkowska-Mrówka, A. Manda-Handzlik, P. Mrówka: Design and in vitro evaluation of electrospun shape memory polyurethanes for self-fitting tissue engineering grafts and drug delivery systems. Materials Science and Engineering C 110, 2020: 110675.
  • A. Chlanda, E. Kijeńska-Gawrońska, J. Zdunek, W. Swieszkowski: Internal nanocrystalline structure and stiffness alterations of electrospun polycaprolactone-based mats after six months of in vitro degradation. An atomic force microscopy assay. Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials 101, 2020: 103437
  • E. Kijeńska-Gawrońska, T. Bolek, M. Bil, W. Swieszkowski: Alignment and bioactive molecule enrichment of bio-composite scaffolds towards peripheral nerve tissue engineering. Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 7 (29), 2019: 4509-4519.
  • A. Kamińska, T. Szymborski, E. Witkowska, E. Kijeńska-Gawrońska, W. Świeszkowski, K., Niciński, J. Trzcińska- Danielewicz, A. Girstun: Detection of circulating tumor cells using membrane-based sers platform: A new diagnostic approach for ‘liquid biopsy’. Nanomaterials, 9 (3), 2019: 366
  • C. Rinoldi, E. Kijeńska, A. Chlanda, E. Choinska, N. Khenoussi, A. Tamayol, A. Khademhosseini, W. Swieszkowski: Nanobead-on-string composites for tendon tissue engineering. Journal of Materials Chemistry B 6 (19), 2018: 3116-3127.
  • E. Kijeńska, W. Swieszkowski, Chapter 2 - General requirements of electrospun materials for tissue engineering: Setups and strategy for successful electrospinning in laboratory and industry, Editor(s): Tamer Uyar, Erich Kny, Electrospun Materials for Tissue Engineering and Biomedical Applications,Woodhead Publishing, 2017: 43-56, ISBN 9780081010228.


  • PATENT PL224588-B1, Elżbieta Jastrzębska, Zbigniew Brzózka, Artur Dybko, Wojciech Święszkowski, Krzysztof Jan Kurzydłowski, Ewa Anna Kijeńska, Michał Chudy, Ewelina Tomecka: Microsystem for use in three-dimensional cell culture.
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