Bartosz Michalak, MSc. Eng.

Research Assistant


Graduate of the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology of the Warsaw University of Technology (M.Sc. 2019). Associated with the CEZAMAT project since 2015. He gained experience working in clean-room laboratories during a six-month internship at the IMEC research center in Belgium (2015). During his internship, he was involved in monitoring the operation of equipment used for wet etching, surface preparation and cleaning of silicon substrates. After the internship, he participated in the commissioning of laboratories and research equipment at CEZAMAT. His research interests include substrate preparation and cleaning, fabrication methods for electronic, photonic and mechanical components using wet etching processes.

Areas of research

  • chemical preparation / cleaning of substrates
  • non-contact chemical spraying processes
  • isotropic and anisotropic wet etching
  • production of V-type structures in silicon substrates
  • releasing elements on silicon substrates

Selected Publications

  1. Michalak Bartosz, Sezemsky Petr, Stranak Vitezslav [i in.], Effect of thermal annealing on sensing properties of optical fiber sensors coated with indium tin oxide nano-overlays, Photonics Letters of Poland, 2020, vol. 12, nr 2, s.58-60.
  2. Śmietana Mateusz Jakub, Sobaszek Michał, Michalak Bartosz [i in.], Optical monitoring of electrochemical processes with ITO-based lossy-mode resonance optical fiber sensor applied as an electrode, Journal of Lightwave Technology, 2018, vol. 36, nr 4, s.954-960.
  3. Michalak Bartosz, Koba Marcin, Śmietana Mateusz Jakub, Silicon Nitride Overlays Deposited on Optical Fibers with RF PECVD Method for Sensing Applications: Overlay Uniformity Aspects, Acta Physica Polonica A, 2015, vol. 127, nr 6, s.1587-1590.
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