Biological research

Cell culture, cell analysis, cell metabolism analyses, fluorescent staining, immunoenzymatic tests for specific proteins, detection of proteins in the sample.

Services offered:

Cell culture

  • various cell lines
  • on surfaces, scaffolds, biomaterials

Cell analysis

  • visualisation of cells and assessment of cell viability by fluorescent or immunochemical staining.
  • cytotoxicity tests according to ISO 10993-5: e.g. XTT, MTT

On individual request

  • cell metabolism analyses using flow cytometer
  • fluorescent staining of other cell organelles,
  • fluorescent staining of cellular metabolites
  • immunoenzymatic tests for specific proteins
  • detection of proteins in the sample using colorimetric assays (BCA, Lowry’s and other tests)


Before placing an order, please consult the scope of the analyses.

Prices of the services are negotiable, depending on the type of sample and applied methodology, operator’s working time and the cost of reagents and materials.
The duration of the analysis depends on the parameters of the experiment and the type of cultured cells.

Contact information

Paulina Trzaskowska, PhD. Eng.


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