The Laboratory of Synthesis and Purification of Bioconjugates

Laboratory description/carried out research

The laboratory conducts research in the field of synthesis of polymers, organic and inorganic bio- and nanomaterials, hybrid materials, biodegradable composites based on natural polymers for medical diagnostics, modern pharmacotherapy, and applications in implantology. One of the research areas is the synthesis of intelligent materials, i.e., materials that respond to external stimuli such as temperature, pH changes, magnetic field or UV light. Research in this area focuses mainly on synthesizing biodegradable polyurethanes with shape memory properties and their composites. The research includes the design of polymeric materials with well-defined functional properties and the study of the structure-properties relationship. The synthesis of metallic, non-metallic, polymer nanoparticles as carriers for biologically active substances is another research area undertaken in the laboratory. The research includes the development of manufacturing methods and study on physical and chemical methods for the immobilization of functional groups. The development of parameters for the synthesis and production of hybrid materials and polypeptide / synthetic polymer conjugates is also of  ​​interest to the laboratory.

Services offered:

  • HPLC analysis

Equipment / devices

  1. HPLC system with PDA detector 
  2. Organic Synthesis and Polymer Reaction Engineering Equipment


  1. Lipophilic nanoformulation of alendronic acid for transdermal release (WUT, 2020-2021)
  2. Epidermic hydrogel nano-alendronic acid formulation for transdermal delivery (LIDER XI NCBiR, 2021-2023)
  3. The development of antivirus/antiseptic, filtration fabrics for sanitary and medical protection and fabrication technology based on metal-polymer composites (POIR NCBiR, 2020-2023)


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