The Laboratory for the Development of Biomedical Measuring Systems

Description of research conducted in the laboratory

The Laboratory carries out work on the development and implementation of modern solutions and technologies in the field of medicine, in particular psychophysiology, neuroophthalmological, rehabilitation, transport psychology, biocybernetics and neuro-ergonomics. Research is being conducted to develop:

  • Wearables measuring systems
  • Contactless methods of measuring physiological parameters
  • Non-invasive methods of measuring disorders in the nervous system 
  • Libraries of biomedical signals
  • IT systems for managing medical devices and analyzing medical data

Development directions

  • Research on the development of contactless sensors for psychophysiological and psychomotor assessment
  • Development of non-invasive methods of assessing the autonomic nervous system, including remote detection of changes in pupil geometry for the development of training systems for complex system operators
  • Research on the use of wearables solutions as a part of personal coordinated medicine and monitoring people in non-hospital condition
  • Development of analytical modules in the designed measurement systems for the assessment of sleep disorders
  • Design and development of IoMT digital platforms

Services offered:

  • Analysis and assessment of pupilometer data
  • Development of methods for data integration and analysis  from medical sensors and specialized measuring devices
  • Research of the level of fatigue based on the dynamic pupil response

Measurements of the activity of the nervous, cardiac and musculoskeletal systems in the condition of sleep deprivation

Analysis of the selection of methods and ways of studying the influence of specific environmental factors on the parameters of the nervous system

  • Non-invasive methods assessment for nervous system disorders


  • Dynamic pupilometers – for testing the dynamic response of the pupillary system, by observing the size and reactivity of the pupil and software for analyzing the obtained results
  • Contactless sensors – for measuring heart activity in a completely non-invasive way
  • Psychological tests – based on the Vienna Test System and a proprietary mobile application
  • Visual Evoked Potentials – allowing to determine the methods and temporal variability of reactions related to the activity of the cerebral cortex by stimulating the optic nerve with a light stimulus


  1. A new method of detecting the dynamic response of the pupil (LPR) stimulated by sensory deprivation in terms of assessing the level of ANS activation with the use of rheological models (IDUB BIOTECHMED-1, 2020-2022)
  2. Autonomous system of digital space inspection and investment supervision using UAV and mobile docking stations (NCBiR, 2019-2022)
  3. Development of the design and production technology of miniature diagnostic devices for the rapid determination of biomarkers in physiological fluids and other biological samples – ImDiag (POIR NCBiR, 2018-2022)
  4. Development of the design and production technology of miniature diagnostic devices for the rapid detection of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the POCT mode in the scope of works on the system solution of the IoMT model, in which the basic node will be an analyzer managing the measuring cassette (POIR NCBiR, 2020-2022)

Projects under preparation and evaluation

  1. Development of a comprehensive theanostic approach in the treatment of neoplasms on the example of pancreatic cancer
  2. Development of the design and manufacturing technology of the ITest diagnostic device for the rapid detection of SARSCoV-2 virus


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