Laboratory of Physicochemical Research and Characterization

Laboratory description/carried out research

The laboratory houses equipment for modern imaging of biological materials. It is equipped with high class scanning electron microscope Hitachi SU8230, dedicated to work with materials of biological origin. In order to prepare samples for observation under electron microscope, the laboratory is equipped with a plasma sputtering machine capable of depositing nanometric layers of metals on the surface of samples. There is also a modern microscope with a confocal system, used for research on cultures of microorganisms and cells of higher organisms. The laboratory performs imaging of various types of materials, including in particular materials of biological origin for the needs of, among others, materials engineering, pharmacology, nanotechnology, design of energy storage devices using a scanning electron microscope and a confocal microscope. The laboratory is engaged in scientific research and also offers commercial services.

Services offered

  • electron microscope imaging 
  • confocal microscope imaging 
  • depositing layers of noble metals on the surface of samples


  1. Hitachi SU8230 ultra-high resolution scanning electron microscope
  2. Zeiss Axio Observer 7 microscope with LSM 900 confocal system
  3. Quorum Q150 sputtering machine


  1. A new regeneration method intervertebral disc (NCBiR, 2020-2023)
  2. From novel functional materials to sodium-ion batteries for post-lithium electrochemical energy storage (IDUB ENERGYTECH-1 Power, 2020-2021)
  3. Lipophilic nanoformulation of alendronic acid for transdermal release ( WUT, 2020-2021)
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