Laboratory of Medical Biotechnology

Laboratory description/carried out research

Studies carried out in the laboratory are focused on modern methods of theranostics, in particular of oncological diseases. In the laboratory we use microfluidic systems to create advanced cell models – Lab on a chip systems. We culture cells in order to search for new anti-cancer strategies and screening of nanomaterials. We conduct automated long-term cell / tissue cultures on microchips. As part of the work carried out in the laboratory, label-free methods of analyzing cell cultures in microfluidic conditions are also developed.

Services offered

  • Conducting cell cultures 
  • Toxicity and biocompatibility tests
  • Design and fabrication of Lab-on-chip systems for cell culture and testing


  • Zeiss Axio Observer 7 confocal microscope with LSM 900 and Airyscan 2 detector
  • Inverted phase contrast microscope Nikon TS2 with fluorescence and Fi3 camera
  • Spectramax iD3 fluorescence and luminescence reader
  • Beckman-Coulter CytoFlex flow cytometer
  • HeraCell Incubator
  • CO2 incubator with shaking NB203 QS
  • CO2 / O2 incubator NB 203 XL
  • KS12 Thermo Fisher laminar chambers
  • Low-pressure plasma system Diener Atto


  1. HoLoc – holography on a chip. A label-free method of mitochondrial dysfunction imaging in the Lab on Chip microsystem. (IDUB BIOTECHMED-1, 2020-2021)
  2. Studies on application of Lab-on-a-chip systems for analysis of regeneration of heart cells (SONATA BIS 9 NCN, 2020-2024)
  3. ImDiag – Development of construction and technology for the production of miniature diagnostic devices for rapid determination of biomarkers in physiological fluids and other biological samples. (POIR NCBiR, 2018-2022)


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