What is DIH?

The digital revolution is creating opportunities for companies large and small, but many still struggle to know which technologies to invest in and how to secure funding for their digital transformation. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are particularly slow to adopt digital technologies. It is understood that only one in five businesses in the EU is highly digitised.  60% of large businesses and more than 90% of small ones are slow to implement digital innovations, and the latter constitute over 99% of all businesses in Europe.

That is why, as proposed by the European Commission, the DIH is a one-stop shop where companies – especially SMEs, start-ups and mid-caps – can get help in improving their operations, production processes, products and services using digital technologies. One of the key priorities of the Digitising European Industry Initiative is to foster a strong network of DIHs to ensure that every business in Europe can benefit from digital opportunities.