Monika Bil PhD Eng.

Research Assistant Professor


Monika Bil received her MSc. Eng. degree in polymer technology from Rzeszow University of Technology. Next, she moved to the Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering at Warsaw University of Technology where she defended her doctoral thesis on the design of polyurethane scaffolds for bone tissue engineering. During her doctorate, she completed an internship within the KMMNoE Network of Excellence at Imperial College London, Department of Materials, Great Britain, where she was involved in the production of bioactive ceramic layers on porous substrates for tissue engineering. After receiving her doctoral degree, she spent one year as a postdoc at the National Institute for Materials Science, Tsukuba, Japan. She returned to the Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering at Warsaw University of Technology where she was involved in research on the development of tissue engineering products for bone tissue regeneration carried out at the Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering in the Biomaterials group. She completed postgraduate studies in the field of Quality Manager at the Warsaw School of Economics, where she defended her thesis on the certification of medical devices. She has been employed at the CEZAMAT Center for Advanced Materials and Technologies since 2020 as a research assistant professor.

Research areas

Her research has been mainly focused on the design and development of multifunctional materials for medical applications, polyurethanes and polyurethane based composites with shape memory properties, biodegradable scaffolds for tissue engineering, implantable drug delivery systems, biocomposites based on renewable raw materials for industry. The main research interests are concentrated on synthesis and analysis of correlations between structure and functional properties of the materials.

Selected Publications

  1. Monika Bil, Piotr Mrówka, Dorota Kołbuk, Wojciech Święszkowski Multifunctional composite combining chitosan microspheres for drug delivery embedded in shape memory polyester-urethane matrix Composites Science and Technology 201 (2021) 108481
  2. Monika Bil The effect of chitosan form on the shape memory properties of polyurethane based composites Materials Letters 284 (2021) 129007
  3. Monika Bil, Izabela Hipś, Piotr Mrówka , Wojciech Święszkowski, Studies on enzymatic degradation of multifunctional composite consisting of chitosan microspheres and shape memory polyurethane matrix Polymer Degradation and Stability 182 (2020) 109392
  4. Monika Bil, Ewa Kijeńska-Gawrońska, Eliza Głodkowska-Mrówka, Aneta Manda-Handzlik, Piotr Mrówka Design and in vitro evaluation of electrospun shape memory polyurethanes for self-fitting tissue engineering grafts and drug delivery systems Materials Science and Engineering: C 110 (2020) 110675
  5. MK Heljak, A Chlanda, W Swieszkowski, M Bil Multiscale analysis of viscoelastic properties, topography and internal structure of a biodegradable thermo-responsive shape memory polyurethane Polymer 191, (2020) 122273
  6. EL Cyphert, M Bil, HA von Recum, W Święszkowski Repurposing biodegradable tissue engineering scaffolds for localized chemotherapeutic delivery Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A 108 (5), (2020) 1144-1158

Other achievements

  1. 2010r -2nd Degree Collective Award of the Rector of Medical University of Warsaw for or a series of published articles on developing of polyurethanes for bone tissue engineering products
  2. 2021r - Patent application P.438209 - W. Łojkowski, E. Pietrzykowska, K. Abou Aitah, U. Szałaj, A. Świderska-Środa, M. Bil, M. Łojkowski, W. Święszkowski, B. Sokołowska Hydroxyapatite layer with biocidal and osteoinductive properties and the method fabrication of it
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