Maciej Trzaskowski PhD Eng.

Research Assistant Professor / Department Manager


In 2012 he graduated from the Faculty of Chemistry, Warsaw University of Technology, specializing in Microbioanalysis (individual course of studies). Then, he was a participant of PhD studies at the Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology. In October 2018, he defended PhD. thesis entitled "Microfluidic systems utilizing surface plasmon resonance phenomenon in biological detection systems". He has been working in CEZAMAT since 2017, employed as Research Assistant Professor since 2019. Head of the BioNanoTechnology Department since 2020.

Co-author of 15 articles in scientific journals, 3 chapters in monographs and one patent. Participant of numerous scientific projects.

In his scientific work he specializes in medical diagnostic systems, especially for pathogen detection. Other research interests include the synthesis and modification of biomaterials using graphene and its derivatives and electron microscopy.

Research areas

Pathogen detection and disease diagnostic systems, Surface plasmon resonance, Scanning electron microscopy.

Selected publications

Articles in scientific journals:

  • J. Sikorski, N. Obarski, M. Trzaskowski, M. Matczuk, Simple Ultraviolet-Visible Spectroscopy-Based Assay for Fast Evaluation of Magnetic Nanoparticle Selectivity Changes After Doping, Applied Spectroscopy, 2021,
  • A. Zuchowska, B. Dabrowski, E. Jastrzebska, M. Mazurkiewicz-Pawlicka, A. Malolepszy, L. Stobinski, M. Trzaskowski, Z. Brzozka, Cytotoxic properties of graphene derivatives depending on origin and type of cell line, Journal of Materials Research, 35, 18, 2385-2395, 2020.
  • P. A. Trzaskowska, A. Poniatowska, M. Trzaskowski, J. Latocha, P. Ozga, R. Major, T. Ciach, Lecithin suspensions for electrophoretic deposition on stainless steel coatings, Materials Science and Engineering C, v93, 2018, 134-144.
  • M. Trzaskowski, A. Napiórkowska, E. Augustynowicz-Kopeć, T. Ciach, Detection of tuberculosis in patients with the use of portable SPR device, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 260, 2018, 786-792.
  • M. Trzaskowski, L. Mizak, R. Gryko, T. Ciach: SPR system for on-site detection of biological warfare, Current Analytical Chemistry, 13(2), 2017, 144-149.
  • B. Butruk, M. Trzaskowski, T. Ciach: Fabrication of biocompatible hydrogel coatings for implantable medical devices using Fenton-type reaction, Materials Science and Engineering C: Materials for Biological Applications, 32 (6), 2012, 1601-1609.

Chapters in monographs:

  • M. Trzaskowski: Surface plasmon resonance in detection of biological threats, European Young Engineers Conference Monograph, str. 171-179, wyd. Wydział Inżynierii Chemicznej i Procesowej Politechniki Warszawskiej, Warszawa 2015. ISBN 978-83-936575-0-6
  • M. Trzaskowski, B. Butruk, T. Ciach: The Use of Cell Outer Membrane Mimetic Surfaces in order to Obtain Clot Resistant Coatings, Biological and Biomimetic Adhesives: Challenges and Opportunities, 164-173, wyd. Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge 2013. ISBN 978-1-84973-669-5
  • M. Trzaskowski: Zastosowanie fosfolipidów w inżynierii biomedycznej, Nowe Trendy w Naukach Inżynieryjnych, 137-142, Kraków 2012. ISBN 978-83-63058-16-6


  • M. Trzaskowski, T. Ciach, Method for detection of Tuberculosis bacteria, patent no.: P-423175, date of submission: 16.10.2017, date of publication: 23.04.2019.

Other achievements

  • Since 2020 - Management in the project Rapid diagnostics of COVID-19 using surface plasmon resonance sensors - IDUB against COVID-19 project granted by Warsaw University of Technology under the program Excellence Initiative: Research University (IDUB).
  • Since 2018 - Management in the project Preludium: Study of the process of saccharide attachment to cellular glucose receptors including mass transport phenomena - project funded by Polish National Science Centre.
  • 2016 - Research on detection of mycobacteria (Mycobacterium tuberculosis) in a microfluidic system using surface plasmon resonance phenomenon - principal investigator of an internal WUT grant.
  • 23.03.2016 - Poster award at Europtrode XIII conference, Graz, Austria
  • 10.2012 - 09.2014 - Two-year scientific scholarship in the competition for the best PhD students of Warsaw University of Technology, Centre for Advanced Studies, Warsaw University of Technology
  • 10.2012 - 07.2013 and 10.2016 - 07.2017 - Rector's scholarship for the best PhD students of the Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology
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