Karina Rosłoniec, MSc

Junior researcher / Laboratory worker


A graduate of the Faculty of Chemistry of the Warsaw University of Technology (msc. eng. 2021), she graduated from the field of Biotechnology with an extraordinary academic achievements. Associated with the CEZAMAT project since 2021, she has been carrying out research involving the assessment of the antifungal activity of textile materials with additives of active compounds with potential antimicrobial properties. Involved in numerous interdepartmental cooperation, conducting research in the field of microbiology. Participates in technical aspects of laboratory accreditation (ISO 17025) in the Department of Microbiology, Molecular Genetics and Genomics.

Research interests

  • Antimicrobial activity studies
  • Identification of pathogens
  • Cytotoxicity studied

Selected publications

  1. The Composites of Polyamide 12 and Metal Oxides with High Antimicrobial Activity Latko-Durałek, P.; Misiak, M.; Staniszewska, M.; Rosłoniec, K.; Grodzik, M.; Socha, R.P.; Krzan, M.; Bażanów, B.; Pogorzelska, A.; Boczkowska, A. Polymers 2022, 14, 3025. https://doi.org/10.3390/polym14153025
  2. Patent application for an invention: „Sposób badania adhezji komórek grzybów patogennych do powierzchni materiałów abiotycznych oraz jego zastosowanie w badaniu potencjalnych inhibitorów adhezji” Rosłoniec K., Staniszewska M., Baran J., Kijeńska-Gawrońska E., Lepak-Kuc S., Latko-Durałek P., Durałek P.; [WIPO ST 10/C PL442234]
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