Jakub Waldemar Trzciński PhD Eng.

Research Assistant Professor


He studied biotechnology and chemistry. In 2014 he received his PhD in Chemistry from the Chemistry Department of Università Degli Studi di Parma (Italy), presenting the thesis: Supramolecular materials for sensing. During postdoctoral fellowships (Università Degli Studi di Padova, University College London), he focused his research on organic synthesis, gold, silver, silicon oxide and polymer nanomaterials as synthetic vaccines, antibacterial systems and drug carriers. He is associated with CEZAMAT since 2020, where he conducts research on surface chemistry and metallic (Au, Ag, Cu, Fe), inorganic and polymeric nanostructures as drug carriers, vaccines, sensors and as biomaterial precursors.


Synthesis of metallic, non-metallic, polymeric nanoparticles; Organic synthesis of thiols, phosphines, proteins, polymers; Characterization of nanomaterials DLS, SEM, STEM, IR, MS, NMR

Selected publications

  • Jakub W. Trzciński, Lucía Morillas-Becerril, Sara Scarpa, Marco Tannorella, Francesco Muraca, Federico Rastrelli, Chiara Castellani, Marny Fedrigo, Annalisa Angelini, Regina Tavano, Emanuele Papini, and Fabrizio Mancin – “Poly(lipoic acid)-Based Nanoparticles as Self-Organized, Biocompatible, and Corona-Free Nanovectors”, Biomacromolecules 2021 22 (2), 467-480
  • Jakub W. Trzciński, Luca Panariello, Maximilian O. Besenhard, Ye Yang, Asterios Gavriilidis, Stefan Guldin – “Synthetic Guidelines for the Precision Engineering of Gold Nanoparticles”, Current Opinions in Chemical Engineering, 2020, 29, 59 – 66
  • J. W. Trzciński, R. Pinalli, N. Riboni, F. Bianchi, S. Zampolli, I. Elmi, C. Massera, F. Ugozzoli and E. Dalcanale „In search of the ultimate benzene sensor: The QxBox solution”, ACS Sensors, 2017, 2, 590–598
  • V. Caponetti, J. W. Trzciński, A. Cantelli, R. Tavano, E. Papini, F. Mancin and M. Montalti – “Self-assembled biocompatible fluorescent nanoparticles for bioimaging”, Front. Chem., 2019, 7, 168-178


J. W. Trzcinski, F. Bianchi, R. Pinalli, C. Massera, E. Dalcanale “Rigid quinoxaline cavitands as molecular receptors for the detection of aromatic compounds in the Air” EP 2924041

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